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Rail Transport

Tschudi Logistics has a long experience with different types of railway transports. We have very good relations with different ocean container lines and therefore we are able to offer almost worldwide pre-carriage, attractive ocean freight to the Baltics and dispatching cargo by rail to Russia, Central Asia and other CIS countries.


Tschudi Logistics is able to offer for the following type of railway transports :

  • Transport of 20' DC and 40' HCPW containers to Russia, other CIS countries and Central Asia.
  • We provide 20' and 40' one-way rail containers with prefix EVRU. We own our own fleet 70x20' DC and 200x40' PWHC containers.
  • In order to avoid the reloading of cargo from line equipment into EVRU units, empty containers can be positioned in all European ports like Rotterdam, Hamburg, Immingham and Drammen. By using EVRU containers to far destinations like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia etc, we are able to provide an efficient service with extremely fabourable tariffs.
  • Transports with unique 20' DC and 40' HCPW (high cube pallet wide) Russian 'one-way' railway containers via Estonia, Latvia or Russia (Port Sankt-Petersburg or Ust-Luuga to CIS (including Russia and Central Asia), Mongolia and China.
  • Conventional Russian railway transports offers transport in gondola cars (open wagons), in box cars (closed wagons) or on rail platforms.
  • Wagon consignments with conventional goods
  • Reloading of cargo directly from containers and road trailers into railcars.
  • Reloading via customs warehouse
  • Cargo handling at customs warehouse (covered and non convered)
  • "Door to door" deliveries if requested
  • Transport of oversized project cargos - securing and coordinating schemes with railways.



Container shipments:

Shipping 20' and 40' containers via Estonia, Latvia or Russia (Port Sankt-Petersburg or Ust-Luuga) to CIS (including Russia and Central Asia), Mongolia and China.

Services include port terminal handlings, organizing loading of containers to rail platforms, checking cargo documents (Russian, CIS customs), customs procedures and daily positions tracing of containers all the way on railroad.





For more information please contact:

Antti Karm

Rail Sales Manager


Office: +372 6409 619

Toomas Vana


Office: +372 6409 750

Cell: +372 5159 131