transit & customs


With our wide in-house knowledge and external partners, we offer tailor-made customs clearance services for export, import and transit trade in major transport hubs where we are represented.


Our customs clearance services may include:

  • Easy, clear and quick solutions of customs procedures
  • Filling in transit declarations
  • Customs warehouse services if and where needed
  • Consulting




Tschudi Logistics provides daily tracing for all rail shipments from shipping date and ending when cargo arrives at the destination. Tracing includes the following information:

  • dispatching station (name and code)
  • date of dispatch
  • container / platform number and container size
  • last passed station
  • passed distance
  • remaining distance






At the client's request we can insure the cargoes. Insurance can be organised only for rail transport but also for door-to-door service to cover all possible risk.